24th August 2017

Talented students shine in their GCSEs

Talented sports stars and performing arts students have shone academically in their GCSEs.

The youngsters from Bournemouth’s LeAF Studio are celebrating another successful year of results.  Footballer James Rapin has netted the top possible grade 9 in Maths and altogether has 11 A*s and As (or the equivalent).  In maths and English grades 9 to1 have replaced A* to G, with 9 even higher than the A*.

Another student to achieve the coveted grade 9 was performing arts student and Head Girl Sophie Lee, who scored the top mark in her English Language.  Sophie also achieved 11 A*s to Cs, including seven A*s and As.

Overall 56% achieved at least a grade 4 (the standard pass) or above in English and maths – with maths seeing a significant 11% increase on last year.  In English more than half of the students (52%) achieved at least the strong pass, grade 5.

Principal Nadine Lapskas, said: “These are wonderful results and maintain the standards we set last year. Our students have managed to achieve these high grades alongside intensive training in their chosen specialisms. I am very proud of their hard work and drive to succeed in all they do.”

Other success stories included international swimmer Thea O’Keefe who made waves with her 11 A*s to Cs, including six A*s and As and performer Josh Carton was jumping with delight after securing13 A*s to Cs, including seven A*s to As.

In addition to the academic subjects, LeAF Studio was also celebrating record successes in its specialist subjects.  The number of students achieving A* to C in PE rose by 21% and in dance by 8% to 100%.

LeAF Studio, which is soon to be part of Ambitions Academies Trust (AAT), is a specialist state school for athletes and performing arts students.  The school, which from September will cater for Year 9 and upwards, provides the national curriculum alongside specialist coaching and training.

Executive Principal and AAT director, Paul Holman, said: “The immense talent and hard work of the students at LeAF Studio continues to amaze me.  I’d like to congratulate them all plus their teachers and coaches for all the effort they put in all year round.  I look forward to another exciting year of success and helping young people fulfil their dream as LeAF Studio becomes part of the Ambitions Academies Trust family.”

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