Tregonwell Academy Teachers are assiduous in getting the best out of the pupils in their care. Making learning purposeful and interesting engages the pupils in lessons. Staff know each pupil well. They can foresee potential triggers that might lead to slips in behaviour because of the continual, holistic assessment of pupils. As a result, incidents are avoided and the focus in lessons is on learning and not behaviour management. Pupils are respectful of each other and the adults who care for them. Ofsted 2018

Tregonwell Academy is an Outstanding academy for children and young people aged 5-16 with special educational needs.

It specialises in working with pupils who have social, emotional and mental health needs. Some of the young people at Tregonwell also have Autistic Spectrum Condition.

In addition, Tregonwell is commissioned to provide education to pupils who may have been excluded from mainstream school until they are able to reintegrate and to educate and care for pupils unable to attend a mainstream school due to medical needs.

Tregonwell Academy is located in Bournemouth across 3 campuses. Admissions are placed via local authority referral.

Tregonwell Academy is the founding school of the Ambitions Academy Trust and works closely with other Trust schools, including Longspee Academy. We also work closely with care and health colleagues and a wide range of other agencies to ensure we are able to meet fully the needs of all our pupils.

Our aim is to ensure all pupils are enabled to make the best possible progress and are enabled to live safe, happy and productive lives.

You can visit the academy website by clicking on the academy logo below.