Carol Box
Governance Lead

Carol has been the Governance Lead and Company Secretary for the Trust since September 2020.  Carol joined Ambitions Academies Trust in March 2017 as the Clerk to the Trust Board.

Carol’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing high quality governance leadership across the Trust
  • Advising the Board of Members, Board of Trustees and Executive Team on governance legislation, constitutional and procedural matters and statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Keeping the Trust Board and Members focused on core strategic priorities as outlined in the Trust’s Strategic Plan and the 3 core functions set out in the DfE Governance Handbook
  • Advising the Trust Board on their statutory responsibilities in relation to policies and managing the review and approval process
  • Managing changes to the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation and Terms of Reference in line with statutory guidance
  • Ensuring compliance with the Trust’s Articles of Association and Academy Trust Handbook in the role of Company Secretary
  • Leading on Trustee and Academy Committee Member recruitment across the Trust