“What a pleasure and privilege it has been to work as a SoundStorm music education hub partner in Queen’s Park and Manorside this year. I delivered a beginners’ ukulele program in Year 4 at Manorside last term and am currently engaged in recorder and ukulele teaching with Years 5 and 6 at QPA. It’s great to see that your mantra is not just a slogan, but is embedded and consistently reinforced by all staff, leading to excellent learning attitudes and superb progress.

This is my first year as a freelance music specialist, having recently come ‘out of the system’ so to speak for a bit of a break, after 26 years in the teaching profession in various roles including class-teacher, subject-leader/specialist and middle leadership.

By the end of this academic year, I will have taught in 20 schools in a freelance capacity and have learned so much through observation of different school cultures and systems! My experiences with the Ambitions primary academies have really inspired me to remain in education and continue my professional development. I would be delighted to be able to work with you again next year, and hope that Kings Park will subscribe to music education hub membership.

I feel passionate about the value of music education and love working with schools to develop quality music provision that is not only skills-based but conducive to delivery of the wider curriculum. I would be delighted to work with you on developing the subject within your primary academies. With kindest regards, Cathy Murray.” – SoundStorm.


“I would like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the complete transformation of the Little Ambers Nursery in Kings Park Academy that my youngest son attends. 

When I first saw the state of the nursery around a year ago, it was obvious that the facilities were “slightly” neglected and that some major improvements were necessary. 

As my wife usually takes our son to the nursery, I did not see the completed indoor refurbishment of the nursery until recently, when I took my son in for the morning and spoke to the manageress, who kindly offered to showed me the various new rooms with the different activities for the children and I was also shown the proposed plans for the refurbishment of the outside garden. 

Speaking to the manageress, it was obvious from her demeanor that there was a passion in what she was doing to improve the facilities and that she had the best interests of the children at heart.

I have no doubt that other parents certainly feel the same way as we do about this much needed improvement and I really look forward to seeing the completed outside transformation of the garden.

Sincerely yours, Mr J.J. Petermann” – Parent.