Estates management

Our Estates

At Ambitions Academy Trust we see the development of our Estates as crucial in our mission to:

• To ensure all pupils reach their potential by securing outstanding achievement, high standards of social skills and improved life chances.
• To raise standards of teaching and learning by ensuring strong, effective governance and outstanding leadership at all levels
• To achieve outstanding outcomes through the Trust through the efficient use of public funding and assets

We set a high standard in the Trust regards Estates whether that be in health and safety, the fabric of the building or the interior components.

We also strive to ensure that wherever possible we also look to finding energy efficient ways forward, so to this end we have worked hard to incorporate the benefits of LED lighting.  Over the last 4 years several of our academies have undergone full LED lighting replacements with some of the significant benefits are highlighted below.



Additionally, the estates team have undertaken an extensive decarbonisation and sustainability programme and have now installed solar panels to the roofs of 16 of our 17 sites to date resulting in a considerable reduction in our carbon footprint.



We are incredibly fortunate at AAT to have a highly skilled and experience Estates Director as well as a great team of estates staff.

Whist there are always projects to consider we are proud of what is achieved and the standards that we set given the resources available.

AAT Trust Estates Team presentation

AAT Planned Preventative Maintenance presentation changes