Human Resources Management Driving the agenda to become an 'Employer of Choice'.

Our People Strategy 2023-26 sets out the strategic direction for our people over the next three years.  In developing our People Strategy, we have considered the vision, strategic aims and outcomes required to enable and equip our people with the right knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes.

Our People Strategy places staff at the heart of our plans and recognises that their collective talents, effort and commitment will deliver the Trust’s strategic vision.

Our HR Vision for 2023-26 is:

“Driving the agenda to become an ‘Employer of Choice’, we will keep our people at the heart of what we do and promote a culture where we all feel valued, supported and inspired.  We will deliver an exemplary service, harnessing technology and best practice whilst identifying future opportunities for continuous improvement to support the sustainable growth of AAT.”

Supporting our HR Vision, we have four HR Goals:

  1. Valuing, encouraging and supporting a diverse workforce.
  2. Continually improving organisational effectiveness.
  3. Anticipating and meeting the changing needs of AAT.
  4. Identifying and harnessing talent, and championing personal development.

We will achieve our goals by focussing on our eight key pillars:

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In 2023-24 our key areas of focus will be:

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Our AAT HR Annual Report provides an overview of the HR activities and achievements of the past academic year, as well as the challenges and opportunities for the future.  In our Annual Report, we carefully examine the data we have collected around our people metrics to measure our success towards our HR Vision.  This also helps us to compare our progress both within our organisation and in the larger context of the education sector as a whole.

We hope this report gives you a clear picture of how the HR function at AAT contributes to the Trust’s overall vision.

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